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The problem is that the seed head is no longer attached, the peduncle has
softened and collapsed and the seed head is lying on the ground...there m=ust
be a way to ripen these fat swollen green berries!  Think of the rock har=d
colorless peaches in grocery stores that eventually ripen on those
shelves...any fruit growers out there with ideas?

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Subject: Re: Seed heads

> In a message dated 7/12/01 7:22:22 AM, petra at PLANTDELIGHTS.COM writes:
> << We've had tons of rain here this month and the peduncles on the
> infructescenses of Arisaema are mushing out.  The berries are fat and
> but not yet coloring and I'm curious if anyone has a procedure to
> successfully ripen green fruits.
>  >>
> Petra
> I wouldn't try to "ripen" arisaema seeds early. Most arisaemas, even th=e
> early flowerers like ringens and sikokianum, don't ripen their berries
> October or later, and the seeds will likely be immature before then, ev=en
> you can artificially redden the berries.
> I'd leave them on the plants until frost, or until the stem withers, an=d
> then, if they are still green, stick them in a corner and wait for the
> berries to turn red and soften before harvesting the seeds.
> Jim McClements

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