Virus Warning

Bonaventure Magrys magrysbo at SHU.EDU
Tue Jan 23 22:51:40 CET 2001

>>>>>>>>Bonaventure, I sent an email to you that your computer
recognized as carrying this virus and it sent back an email informing me
that mine had an MTX virus. >>>>>>>>>

Thank God I'm on the Seton Hall University LAN. It seems to be very
protected and diagnostic of problems. (SHU the #1 wired Catholic university
in the US). I'll go thru all precautions when I set up my own computer at
home, after moving expenses, setting up, and after plant and plant supply
expenses are over. Of course I had to get the garden ready for spring

Sue, triphyllum and triphyllum 'albescens' by the candidissimum pollen you
sent me seem to be holding. Ringens is iffy.
Anyone need 1999Kaichen A-05 (looks like saxatile) male now in bloom? I
plan to deep freeze some pollen in a glycerol suspension for when my
taiwanensis,flavums,sikokianum,candidissimums, consanguineums and
speciosums ever decide to sprout faster than a quarter inch a fortnight.

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