Re;RE: RE: RE: AEG SEEDX 2001 Incoming

craig stubbs craigs at ICAN.NET
Mon Jan 22 15:15:35 CET 2001

Hello ALL
Thanx Ray .
The first two years of the AEG SEEDX saw me panicking to get
the seed sorted and mailed by late January, similar to the way NARGS
handles their seed distribution. This proved to be " A Big Mistake "
with seed continuing to arrive well into February and even later.
Now with membership approaching 200 and with an increasing
number of members from the southern hemisphere there are only a few
months when I do not receive seed. The incoming seed is examined,
repackaged, and stored at 3 C in a fridge that is not frost free to
extend viability.
As I retrieved my email this morning , the first opportunity
I have had in a week, there were two messages pledging seed . You will
also also note that John Gwynne and Simon Wills, only two of a large
group I call the " Frequent Donors Club " are, like many, anxious for
seed  ripen.
So especially for those of you new to the AEG, be patient.
Members share not only seed but time and knowledge,
Cash donations are very light this year.

.....I'm working on it

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