Synandrospadix vermitoxicus

McAlpine, Duncan G Duncan.McAlpine at PSS.BOEING.COM
Mon Jan 15 22:07:29 CET 2001

Looks like Paul carries the plant.  Others on the mailing list... dont stop looking because of me..
[C] Synandrospadix Engler, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 4: 61. 22 Mar 1883.
T.: S. vermitoxicus (Grisebach) Engler (Asterostigma vermitoxicum Grisebach)
PHAN.-ARACEAE (74) - 9 Feb 1996

Dont have my ref books at my office... they are at home.


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> Dear Friends,
>         I am searching detailed notices on climate, ecology and
> general life story of Synandrospadix vermitoxicus.
> There is someone who can give me some advice on where it
> lives, rain and temperature through the year in the home of
> this plant, something about life cycle and hints to
> germinate seeds? Who has seen it in nature?
> Many thanks!
> Fausto
> Dr. Ing. Fausto Ceni
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