New plants from Plant Delights: MAIL LOOP?

Louise Parsons parsont at PEAK.ORG
Sat Jan 13 02:14:44 CET 2001

David,  you may be the victim of a mail loop and if so something must be
done to stop it: Expand the headers of the repeated message as follows:

Using your Outlook express as follows: With the offending message open:
Under File, choose Properties, then click on the Details tab in the
properties dialog box for the offending message. (In older versions, try
View, then Options)

The "full headers" or "geek headers" should appear with all of the routing
information.  This information is the most helpful to any administrator who
can break the loop. Copy this in its entirety into a new message body thus:
"Paint" the entire message by left-clicking and dragging on your mouse,
then holding the Ctrl key while you hit the C key.  Click in the new
message body with Ctrl and V to paste the message.

Send your fully copied message with a brief explanation of the problem to:

POSTMASTER at AOL.NET (Yes, that's .NET, not .Com)

Send a carbon copy to the help desk or postmaster of your own ISP (Internet
Service Provider). If you are unsure how to get help on your end, copy it to:

Postmaster at CUA.EDU

Hope that this helps.  I suspect that this is a problem between your server
and AOL.  I won't venture to say whose "fault" it is, but AOL problems are
being reported on several of the admin lists that I am on.  It may take the
cooperation of both servers and any intermediates such as gateway servers
to break the loop.

Good luck Dave!  I am sure that we would rather be swooning over arisaema
offerings such as that A. kishidae Silver Pattern in the new "Plant
Delights" catalog than messing around with this stuff ::smiles::

All the best,  Louise

At 04:43 PM 1/11/01 -0500, you wrote:
>I have been getting this message about every 30 minutes for the last day or
>so.  I have e-mailed Speicert to no avail. Would whoever is responsible for
>this please stop the messaging
>David Guillet
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "Greg Speichert" <GSpeichert at AOL.COM>
>Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2001 10:18 PM
>Subject: Re: New plants from Plant Delights
> > Dear Bonaventure Magrys
> >     I have tons of Arundo donax Variegated . I can send you some in the
> > spring.
> >
> > All My Best
> > Greg Speichert
> > PO Box 154
> > St. John, IN 46373
> > Gspeichert at
> > 219-374-9419
> >

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