DrR Hamilton robhamilton at TRUMP.NET.AU
Mon Feb 12 23:19:11 CET 2001

> I am very happy to be a new member of the group. I live in Far North
> Queensland, Australia, Zone 11 and am a total beginner to ariaemas!
> I am branching out from other aroids (been dabbling mostly with
> amorphophallus, anthuriums, alocasias and typhoniums) now I hope to learn as
> much as I can about arisaemas from you people. I thought I would only be
> able to play with the tropical ones but Ray says I may be able to grow the
> cooler climate ones too with a bit of fridge encouragement, Would love to
> hear from anyone in the tropics who has been doing this to hear their
> results.
> Regards,
> Marilyn van den Bergh
> _________________________________________________________________________

Hi Marilyn,

Greetings from the  other end of the country. Our climate is  very much
different to yours but I would be happy to send you seed of  several
varieties which  I have now, or some tubers to try in a month or two when
they  go dormant.


Rob Hamilton

Dr R F Hamilton, 7 Beach Road, Snug 7054
Tasmania, Australia
Temperate Marine Climate (USDA 8/9)
Average Garden Rainfall 26.7 inches (range 21-36)
Temperature extremes -2 C  ,  38 C.

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