I am a new member

GeneBush genebush at OTHERSIDE.COM
Wed Feb 7 14:13:22 CET 2001

Hello & Welcome Almost-Neighbor.
Good to see your name pop up here, Chris. Look forward to watching your
addiction grow;-) Do come and see the Arisaema in the garden this spring and early
summer. Keep in mind that they emerge from mid-March through first of July
depending upon the species. Another half dozen or so new ones going in this spring
.... when I can find the room.
Gene Bush     Southern Indiana    Zone 6a     Munchkin Nursery
around the woods - around the world
genebush at otherside.com     http://www.munchkinnursery.com

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From: Chris Wilhoite <chriswil at INDY.NET>
Subject: I am a new member

> Hello to everyone,
> This is a short note to introduce myself as a new member of Arisaema-L. I have
been in lurking mode since October, so I thought it was time to introduce myself.
> My name is Chris Wilhoite and I have been bitten by the aroid bug. snip........

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