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In a message dated 8/26/01 6:05:33 AM, Wilbert Hetterscheid writes:

<< In case anyone of you wants to know if this mumbo-jumbo has any effect=on

the labels used for these plants, I'd have to say that I must still leave

that up to you. Mine are all going to be changed to Ar. franchetianum.



I greatly enjoyed your very thorough examination of the "fargesianum"
("franchesii"?) controversy. My special thanks for your conclusion!

This would appear to be a classic example of the old lumper/splitter
dichotomy, and the Chinese do not exactly have a lumper reputation!

The recent influx of Arisaema "species" from China underlines that concep=t.
One of the nurseries lists over 125 species/forms, and I think that many =of
us are finding a considerable number of duplications. One has to wonder i=f at
least some of the splitting may have commercial impications!

Jim McClements

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