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Dear fellow aroiders,
I went on a search for "suran" at Indian groceries in Edison, NJ and foun=d
it, for $2.99 a pound. That translates to one 5 lb. tuber of Amorphophalu=s
paeonifolius and one 3 lb. for about $24. Just imagine what shipping cost=s
alone would be for the cantalope and grapefruit sized tubers. The second
one I bought because it was among others in a separate bin. I was told th=at
it is the same but has a different taste. It will be interesting to see i=f
there are vegetative and floral differences.
The tubers are healthy and firm with no damage, though no growing points
are apparent yet. They don't appear to be covered in wax. I set them down
on moist soil under clear plastic of an open cold frame where they'll get
2-3 hours of sun a day, until the nights get too cold or they start
growing. A Kaichen A-103 2000 lost its point this spring but with this
treatment recently rallied with three fat shoots and now is in pot.
Bonaventure Magrys
Cliffwood beach, NJ USA

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