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On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, msnakeg wrote:

> The catalog made me cry.  No more shipping to Oregon!  I found this out
> after I figured what I wanted to order!
> Mark Gustafson
> USDA zone 7
> Portland, OR
Let me clarify this....we WILL ship dormant tubers to WA, CA, AZ and
OR.  We will NOT ship plants, because our status (NY) as a Japanese-beetl=e
and Gypsy-moth quarantine area (meaning: we have 'em) forces us not only
to bare-root and wash plant, but also to obtain a phytosanitary
certificate for each shipment ($25) and then fax same, with info about
date of shipment and carrier, in advance of shipment, to the state ag
authorities.  It just isn't worth the trouble or expense, on either side.

Seneca Hill Perennials

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