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Thank you Craig and everyone involved in sending out the AEG seeds.  I
received some very nice ones yesterday.  Thank you for inclusion Creig.

I have a question for anyone who might be able to help me.  I don't want
to plant my Arisaemas for possibly several months due to the fact that
I'm making a move and they're coming with me.  All of my seeds are dry.
Would it be better to hold off planting them until next year, or better
to plant them later in the season than they should be planted?  Where
I'm going, there is a 280 day growing season (a fantastically long
season anyway), but they will be being planted in the hottest months if
I plant them when I get there.  What's best?

Thank you again for the seeds and to anyone who can help me,
Susan Cox
Will be in a humid, 8-9 zone sometime in July.

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