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Check the document again.

The species list shows:

A. thunbergii Blume
ssp. thunbergii (Blume) Ohashi & Murata
ssp. urashima Ohashi & Murata
ssp. urashima v. kashimense
v. heterophyllum = A. heterophyllum
all f. and v. pictum = ssp. thunbergii
v. monostachyum = ssp. urashima

Thus A. thunbergii ssp. urashima is a subspecies of A. thunbergii as is
A. thunbergii ssp. urashima v. kashimense.

But, to complicate things even more, sellers often offer A. urashima.

But, the list shows that:

A. urashima Hara =
A. thunbergii  ssp. urashima v. kashimense

in other words, a specific subspecies of A. thunbergii. This one is often
called 'The Fisherman'.

So, A. urashima isn't the same as A. thunbergii ssp thunbergii. That's
why you
see the difference in the plants.

Ohwi's original Flora of Japan shows A. urashima as a separate species
very closely
related to A. thunbergii. But Ohashi & Murata changed it to ssp. status
in their revision of
the Japanese species. Murata only discusses A. thunbergii in his

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