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Dear AEGers,

For the first time, I will post something in this list. For those tha=t
do not know me, I am an aroid specialist from Brazil. I have approximatel=y
45 aroid genera in my living collection (with a nice collection of
Asterostigma and other Spathicarpeae, as well as Xanthosoma), but I am a
newbier in Arisaema. Some time ago, I received a few tubers of Arisaema f=rom
Fausto Ceni, and I am attempting to grow them. Well, the first one to spr=out
was A. dracontium. They grew very fast and even flowered here. (Yes, now =I
FEEL like an Arisaema enthusiast!) However, after one month, the leaves
became curled and suddently disappeared. The same happened with A.
franchettianum. Well, we had a very hot late summer here (I am currently
living in S=E3o Paulo), but I don=B4t think that is was hotter than those=you
have during your northern hemisphaere summer. I checked the tubers and th=ey
seem ok. My questions are: 1. Is one month growing season enough for
Arisaema? (I don=B4t think so, but I will ask the experts) 2. Should I pu=t
them in the frigde right now? (In our winters, the temperatures never fal=l
below 4oC) 3. Opinions about what the hell is happening with my plants ar=e
welcome.   Just for information, the other aroids grew as usual, except f=or
some unwanted slugs and a suddent attack of the Arlequin bug that almost
killed my biggest (almost 40cm high) Mangonia tweediana (now under contro=l).

Very best wishes,


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