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In a message dated 4/14/01 10:10:32 PM, sfarmer at GOLDSWORD.COM writes:

<< >I am also going to send this to Arisaema-L.
>Several years ago I had a large quantity of Arisaema triphyllum and
>Trillium ovatum.  I sowed them thickly in two large pots.  I now have tw=o
>pots full of three-leaved  little plants that look very similar, both
>missing their labels.  Which is which?  Do I have to wait till one potfu=l
>flowers to find out, or is there an easy way to distinguish them?

Look at the veins.  The veins on the trillium leaves all originate
from the same spot -- palmate venation.  On the Arisaema leaves,
there is a midrib, and all the veins originate from that vein rather
like slanted teeth on a comb.



The spacing of the three leaves/leaflets is also different.

In trilliums, the spaces are the same. In other words, there is 120 degre=es
between each leaf.

Arisaema leaflets (at least A. triphyllum) are 90, 90 and 180 degrees apa=rt.

Jim McClements

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