Seedex me too

Nemeton Design nemeton_design at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Sep 26 19:01:23 CEST 2000

I too am confused about the Seedex thing. I updated my address last year,
supposedly "just in time for the Seedex", but that was the end of it. I had
recently moved from Virginia to Dublin, Ireland. Never heard another word
about it. Now I am disconsolate and feeling as though I fell of the aroid
planet somehow. Did I miss something in the way of process? I have a new
address, folks in Dublin are always moving as the landlords have gone mad
with greed and are dumping tenants at will to sell out or drastically
increase rents. If whoever is keeping the mailing updates contacts me, I
will supply my new particulars. Thanks!

Erik van Lennep
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