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Hello Ray, Craig...
It may be time to do a review on membership and a bit of housecleaning,
tidying-up on the list. I did not receive seeds last year from the exchange. I see
where someone else is mentioning not receiving seeds from the exchange. I did
contribute seeds and a bit of cash to the cause in the previous year. Hope to get
it in gear and send a few more this year.
Not trying to add to the work of volunteers.....
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From: George R Stilwell, Jr. <grsjr at JUNO.COM>
Subject: Seedex-2001

> OK you lucky Arisaemaphiles, Craig has agreed to do the Seedex for 2001.
> We're
> all lucky to be able to share his wonderful work.
> So!!!  Send him your seeds as soon as you can, in clean condition, and
> with all the information
> you have on their provenance.
> Thanks, Craig, for the wonderful job on Seedex-2000. We all look forward
> to Seedex-2001.
> It's surely time to share your results with Seedex-2000 germination.
> Let's get posting
> so we can all learn from your experience.
> Ray
> GRSJr at

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