New papers on Arisaema

George R Stilwell, Jr. grsjr at JUNO.COM
Sun Sep 24 17:05:58 CEST 2000

Here are some interesting articles from the latest edition of Aroideana.

Dieringer, G., Caberera, L. 2000. A comparison of size and sexual
expression in populations of Arisaema   macrospathum Benth. and A.
dracontium (L.) Schott (Araceae). Aroideana 23: 31-35.

Nguyen, V. D. 2000. Two new species of Arisaema from Vietnam. Aroideana
23: 36-40.

Gusman, G. 2000. Observations on Arisaema macrospathum Benth. (Araceae).
Aroideana 23: 41-47.

The Dieringer paper and Guy Gusman's paper both enlighten us on the often
A. macrospathum from Mexico and compare it to A. dracontium. Many of us
have wondered about
this relationship. Here is the word on this subject.

And, just what we need, two new Arisaema to collect. V. D. Nguyen
describes them for us.
Please add A. condaoensis and A. victoriae to your species lists. The
latter has a spadix that
will blow your mind - it's hairy.

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