Pure Green Zantedeschia

Paul Tyerman tyerman at DYNAMITE.COM.AU
Sat Oct 21 16:45:04 CEST 2000

Howdy All,

Ray asked me to post this to the Arisaema list.  It's an amalgamation of a
few messages I've sent to the Aroid-L. Might read a little oddly as I've
cut and pasted a lot, but some parts were in response to questions asked on
Aroid-l.  I do not actually own the plant (but I DEFINITELY have dibs on
some as I like odd flowers.  We have a watch on for further flowers so that
I personally can observe and make notes during the flowering period.  That
way I can find out if she has missed colour somewhere along the line
(although where it is planted it would be fairly obvious if it was coloured
at any point....... still, until I've seen it myself I cannot be sure.)

Anyone have any comments?


Paul T.

************* Original messages (amalgamated) *******************

***** Msg 1 *****

Is there a known form of green Zantedeschia?  I know of Green Goddess as a
form of Z. aethopica, but a friend has just brought into flower an almost
pure green Zant, around the size of the yellow species (i.e a LOT smaller
than Green Goddess).  The flower is exactly the same colour as the leaves,
seems to be furled more tightly than a spathe usually is, and has a small
white area at the base when pulled fully open.  The spadix is very short
and pale yellow.

This ring any bells to anyone?  Has two flowers out so far, both exactly
the same.

***** Msg 2 *****

This is the colour of the flower, not the effect as the flower ages.
According to the owner she thought all along that it was just a leaf and
then suddenly realised that it was a flower instead.  Then the second
flower emerged and matched it.  Exactly the same colour as the leaf.  Has
never been any other colour.  The spadix in the one I opened out was still
fresh, rather than aged or setting seed.  Still had pollen on it, so it
certainly wasn't an "old" flower.

The friend who is growing it assures me that it is NOT a faded flower.  She
was checking the plant regularly because she had recently planted it out
from a pot, then suddenly realised that it was flowering.  There was
definitely no other colour at any time on the flower.

***** Msg 3 *****

We realised today that it is obviously some sort of form of Zantedeschia
aethopica as Z. aethopica and 'Green Goddess' are in flower along with this
green, but the other miniature Zants are only just starting to emerge.
Unfortunately as it is only recently out of a pot I cannot yet determine
it's proper size.  It was planted out around 6 weeks ago, and the whole
plant (including flowers) is only around a foot high.

I hope I'm not boring people, just trying to track as many facts down as
possible to see whether we have something interesting on our hands, or
something mundane.


Paul Tyerman
Canberra, Australia.  USDA equivalent - Zone 8
mailto:tyerman at dynamite.com.au

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