Not so new Zantedeschia

George R Stilwell, Jr. grsjr at JUNO.COM
Fri Oct 20 16:12:34 CEST 2000

Ms. Joan de Villiers of Penrock Seeds in South Africa offers Zantedeschia
seeds as follows:


Zantedeschia albomaculata 10 seeds per pkt @ US$ 3.00 per pkt
Z. tropicalis 15 seeds per pkt @ US$ 3.00 per pkt  [note discussion


Z. albomaculata 100 seeds @ US$ 30.00
Z. tropicalis       100 seeds @ US$ 25.00
Zantedeschia aethiopica.  This form of Z. aethiopica has a beautiful
pale pink throat to the flower.

Orders need to be placed in advance, subject to availability.  We will
e-mail you an invoice including the cost of the seeds, plus despatch
expenses.  A 50% deposit is required with the order once we have
confirmed availability.

1 -     1 000 seeds - 30 cents per seed
1 001 -     5 000     "    - 25 cents per seed
5 001 -   10 000     "    - 20 cents per seed
10 001 -   20 000    "    - 15 cents per seed
20 001 -  50 000     "    - 10 cents per seed

I was particularly curious about the Z. tropicalis because it is not
listed in Singh's revision
of the genus. Joan refered me to a paper by Cythna Letty in Bothalia
(1973). It took a while to
get a copy. No mention is made of Z. tropicalis in the paper. Cythna did
Z. melanoleuca v. tropicalis stating that it had been combined with Z.
albomaculata ssp. maculata.
The species name melanoleuca and the var. name tropicalis were
both obsolete even in 1973. It's amazing how those old species names hang

Paul Tyerman has found a "new" form of Green Zantedeschia and I hope he
will post
the background and current state of knowledge on it. I'm always
interested in anything
about Zantedeschia.

GRSJr at

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