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Paul Tyerman tyerman at DYNAMITE.COM.AU
Wed Nov 22 03:29:52 CET 2000

Thanks Ray,

Unfortunately the quarantine for Australia is fairly major, so I have to
resort to seeds only if they're coming from Oversees.  I'm assuming that
the variety of cordata would not be true to seed so I'm probably out of
luck.  The cordata I have has the most wonderful purple underside with
white markings on the leaves that almost look like a caladium.  Just
wonderful..... if this other is better then it must be a REAL stunner.

Will check out Roy's arisaema page (which I have in my bookmarks).


Paul Tyerman

At 08:32  21/11/00 EST, you wrote:
>Read the Pinellia section on Roy's Arisaema Page to find out about all
>the Pinellia species
>and to see the Pinellia Bibliography. And do contact AEG member Clarence
>Waldron who
>has been compiling the Pinellia information for us.
>There is one "Must Have" Pinellia, Roy's P. cordata 'Yamazaki' that you
>can get from Ellen Hornig at
>Seneca Hill Nursery.  Do visit her web site I haven't
>been there in a while
>and find it's greatly improved. Same wonderful plants though.
>GRSJr at
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