A. jacquemontii

Anne Chambers annechambers at SUILVEN0.DEMON.CO.UK
Wed Nov 15 20:55:21 CET 2000

Pascal - interested to hear your account of arisaemas in western Sikkim.
In northern Nepal at 13,500 feet (4115 m) there was no cloud cover and
as soon as the sun went behind the mountains - about 3-4 pm - the
temperature dropped dramatically and nights were very frosty,
temperatures of -5 to -10 degs C, perhaps more severe. Langtang is a
comparatively arid rain-shadow area so I was pleasantly surprised to see
At altitudes below 6000 ft (1830 m) where it's hot and humid in the
gorge there were plants of concinnum and consanguineum definitely
identifiable by the leaf remains, but I couldn't find any leaves on a
few seeds heads I found in the intermediate zone.

Anne Chambers

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