Craig on AEG SEEDX 2001

Bret Beall tarbidge at 21STCENTURY.NET
Tue Nov 7 02:41:14 CET 2000

Hello, Craig.

I am a relatively new member of Arisaema-L (a few months).  I am relatively
unfamiliar with the specifics of the seedx activity.  As I am an apartment
dweller, and have too many irons in the fire to deal with germinating seeds
at this period of my life, I just wanted to write to request that my name be
left off any seed distribution list this time around.

In the future, I hope to participate in both the giving and taking of seeds.
Thank you for this excellent service.

Best wishes,

Bret S. Beall
1528 West Thome Avenue, #2
Chicago, IL  60660

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From: craig stubbs <craigs at ICAN.NET>
Date: Wednesday, October 18, 2000 4:47 PM
Subject: Craig on AEG SEEDX 2001

>    Fellow AEGers:
>    Each  year's SEEDX sees more varieties of seed go out to more
>members than the previous year.  Last year's undertaking, I thought, was
>another dramatic improvement.
>    With the seed donations off to an excellent start, it would appear
>that this will be another rewarding year.
>      It is obvious also that I missed more than 2 or 3 of you in last
>year's mailings.
>      If you are one of those I did miss last year, first my apologies,
>and second, please e-mail me personally for an acknowledgment and an
>adjusted mailing this year.
>      I am back on full ISP service after sporadic mail receipt over the
>last 4 months.
>      To All of the AEG membership, send me your harvested seed and rest
>assured that we will renew our efforts to ensure that even more members
>get even more seed.
>    ......Bury Me in Seed.
>    Craig Stubbs
>    POB 596
>    15 Princess St.
>    Brooklin, Ontario
>    Canada L0B 1C0

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