First Arisaema flower ever

Paul Tyerman tyerman at DYNAMITE.COM.AU
Fri Nov 3 23:26:49 CET 2000

Howdy All,

I keep meaning to send this out to the list but never remember!

I have my first ever flower on an Arisaema.  I realise that most of you
will say "so what" but it's excitement to me.

A. triphyllum is currently in flower, plus my A. flavum and A.
candidissimum have surfaced.  I'M excited anyway.  Actually there was
another flower... once of the A. flavum sent up a distorted flower (at
least I assume it was distorted.... tiny and floppy and barely yellow....
looked sick)

Ray..... once I know what has actually come up this year I will FINALLY get
you the list of what I have.

Ooooh.... I don't think it is part of this list but I have to say that my
Helicodicerus muscivorus opened yesterday.  How cool!!  First time it has
flowered for me and I love it.  Dracunculus are in bud all over the place
right now too, plus flowers or buds on Pinellias cordata, pedatissecta and

Aroids! Aroids! Aroids!



Paul Tyerman
Canberra, Australia.  USDA equivalent - Zone 8
mailto:tyerman at

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