A. flavum & A. consang. ssp. biradiatifoliatum

guy gusman ggusman at ULB.AC.BE
Mon May 29 09:28:16 CEST 2000

The reference is:
Arisaema biradiatifoliatum Kitamura in Acta Phytotax. Geobot. 10: 187 (1941).
a name given to the Taiwanese form of A. consanguineum. It means "with two
radiate leaves"; no wonder as A. consanguineum in Taiwan usually has two
leaves when mature, i.e. when a female flowering specimen.
One of the leaflets in all SINARISAEMA can be considered "central" and is
often slightly upwards, while others correspond to the "laterals" as in a
section such as TORTUOSA.
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>In a message dated 5/21/00 3:54:30 PM, annechambers at SUILVEN0.DEMON.CO.UK
>2nd question - A. consanguineum ssp. biradiatifoliatum was much admired
>and I was asked about the name biradiatifoliatum. Anyone know to what it
>refers? I notice that while the leaflets are like the spokes of a wheel,
>in each of the 4 seedlings, one leaflet is not in the same flat plane as
>the rest but is carried at a slight upwards angle - is this relevant?

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