A. consanguineum x A. ciliatum

P.Bruggeman pbruggeman at WISH.NET
Tue May 23 23:32:07 CEST 2000

Dear all,

Does anyone know what sort of offsets the cross between consaguineum and
ciliatum produces?. Stolons or tuberlets? The stolons of A. ciliatum are
often found in the bottom of the pot away from the mother tuber and the
tuberlets of consanguineum are found near the mother tuber but which of the
two are produced in the cross? The 2 species are often grown next to each
other so hybridisation occurs, not only in cultivation but also in nature.
Has anyone made this cross deliberately and if so, what do the offsets look
like? I have seedlings of ciliatum that produce tuberlets so I suspect that
consanguineum is involved. To be sure I need to know what sort of offsets
the cross produces. If anyone has made this cross, did it make any
difference which species was the mother and which was the father for the
type of offsets?

Pascal Bruggeman

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