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Can someone help this gentleman?


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>Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 16:22:08 -0400
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>I'm sorry sir or madam,
>                                              I failed to get your name
>before deciding to e-mail you.   I was wondering if you can give me a
>refeence to the rust on jack in the pulpit.,  At one time it was U. caladii
>and I suspect it is now called U. ari-triphylli. My wife and I have a small
>part of our garden pu aside for native plants and Jack is one of them.   On
>a piece of land adjacent to the house I have found in excess of 15 plants
>and at least two have a rust on them.   Being a forest pathologist I
>thought I would put the rust under r my microscope.   Not being well versed
>in rusts I thought to look at the net to see what I could find And I found
>your web page, hence the note
>  Yours,
>                  Martin  in M'town,  WV
>                       Has Pulaski will Travel
>                                  (304) 285-1550

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