Konjac tubers for friends - 2000/2

Fausto Ceni cenfaust at TIN.IT
Sun May 14 10:17:01 CEST 2000

Dear Friends,

I have five tubers of Amorphophallus konjak
(diameter 1") to give to the friends who ask for.
It is not much, but may be five friends are happy.
Althought offer in exchange is very, very
appreciated, it is not
necessary (I know what is to have nothing to give
in exchange!!).
Please, don't hurt if I don't accept the plants
you offer: may be I have
already them or don't love them, but your offer is
appreciated in the same
way both if I accept it or not.
You should only understand that the people that
gave me plants, literature
or support in the past, will have the priority in
the choice.

Rules to apply:

- The requests should be sent to my E-mail
address: cenfaust at tin.it;
- Don't use absolutely the Re function of your
- Type in the subject row of the message:
Konjac - 2000/2
- I cannot give any kind of certificates;
specially the Australian and NZ people should be
aware of it.
- Money is not requested.
- Your message should come to me before 17 May
- Remember to give your snail-mail


Dr.Ing. Fausto CENI
Via Marsala 8
I-25122 BRESCIA (Italy)
cenfaust at tin.it

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