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In a message dated 6/24/00 4:53:06 PM, Jmh98law at AOL.COM writes:

<< I was pleased and astounded to find to two A. griffithii blooming this
Spring. I missed them when I dug tubers in the Fall. (The griffithii were=the
only tubers I dug. Everything else stayed in the ground). We had a little
snowcover this past winter. Although the winter was fairly mild, there we=re
plenty of very cold weeks. They did not set seed, but we'll see what the =six
I had potted up and have just set out do. >>

I've had very little success with A. griffithii here in Delaware and have
assumed that it was a problem of winter hardiness. However, if they survi=ved
a Michigan winter, albeit a mild one, I may have to try again. In general=,
few of the Himalayan species have survived here. Maybe it's the hot, humi=d
summers rather than the winters!

Jim McClements

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