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Sat Jun 24 22:52:38 CEST 2000

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Subject: Group order of Zantedeshia by AEG members
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This spring eight members of AEG participated in a group order of Zantede=shia
from an Oregon bulb and flower wholesaler. The total of number of tubers
ordered was 249, mostly of named hybrids. We were very pleased with the s=ize
and quality of the tubers (2 1/4 inch).

Unfortunately, by the time we got our order in, the wholesaler was out of=Z.
aethiopica 'Green Goddess'. Those are sold out until Fall 2001. However, =I
will be placing an order for those soon for delivery in September 2001. A=lso
available for Fall planting is Z. aethiopica and Z. dwarf Childsiana. The
price for the largest tubers of these three was $1.05 in 1999. There has =been
a slight price increase. [The tubers, after all, don't come from Saudi
Arabia, and OPEC doesn't set the price and control the flow!] If you are
interested, let me know off-list.

There would be a shipping charge (Oregon to T.C. and T.C. to you). the
minimum order is now 100 tubers, rather than 55. The wholesaler is Oregon
Coastal Flowers & Bulbs.  You can check the wholesale prices are this URL=:

I was pleased and astounded to find to two A. griffithii blooming this
Spring. I missed them when I dug tubers in the Fall. (The griffithii were=the
only tubers I dug. Everything else stayed in the ground). We had a little
snowcover this past winter. Although the winter was fairly mild, there we=re
plenty of very cold weeks. They did not set seed, but we'll see what the =six
I had potted up and have just set out do.

We've had stunning weather here -- lots more rain than many of you. There=are
seedheads on the A. kiushianum, A. sikkokianum, A. urashima var. thunberg=ii,
A. ringens, and A. consanguineum. There are hundreds of seedheads on the =A.
triphyllum, including ssp. stewardsonii. (I should mark them now, while I=can
still tell the difference). Mind you, these are not all in our woods, but=I
take a four to five mile walk every day, from our house north on the two
track to the end, and ogle the blooms I can see from the trail. I'm going=to
take an inventory this next week to count seedheads. Of course, it's too
early to tell about some of them. The A. candidissimum and A. fargesii ar=e
just emerging. Now if the tubers just don't rot! Having learned last year=by
sad experience, I will keep irrigating the plants so the seedheads do not=dry
up -- after the rain quits.

Jeanne Hannah
Traverse City, MI 49686

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