Weather in NC

George R Stilwell, Jr. grsjr at JUNO.COM
Sat Jan 29 04:13:12 CET 2000

Well, a kind sole with a bob-cat came by and finished digging out the
drive. Probably
saved me from another back surgery. But, the real story is that we dipped
to 3F this morning,
an all time record. Now I'm glad for the snow cover.

And, the next one is on the way. It'll be here Saturday night. They say
snow followed by sleet
followed by freezing rain. It's the latter that kills the trees and
destroys the power lines. I
don't look forward to being without heat.

Finally got most of the big globs of snow that were bending the trees
shaken off today. Just in
time for a coating of ice.

Rose Ann's orchid bloomed again at Christmas and is still full of lovely
white flowers. The Cyclamen
are blooming away like there's no tomorrow. I just have to remember not
to look outside.

Our neighbor and I made it to the store to pick up milk and bread today.
We only spun out
once. A little sand under the wheels and we were back on track. The roads
are one nasty mess.
I can't remember them ever being this bad up north where I drove to work
on snow and ice
every day.

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