Lois Addison & Dorothy Richardson bedrock.gardeners at SYMPATICO.CA
Wed Jan 26 13:06:46 CET 2000

How I envy all the snow that y'all are getting down South.  We desperately
need snow cover here.  Instead of having about 3-4' (or more)  on the
ground at this time of year, we have only an inch or so and many places
none at all because fierce winds have cleared the ground.
Our Maritimes were badly hit recently , but we have not gotten a big dump
yet this season.
But I know what you mean Ray about what that kind of snow means in North
Carolina.  I still remember my first "snowstorm" in the Durham-Chapel Hill
area.  I looked out my Fam Prac lab window and there were what we
Northeners would call flurries.  The phone started ringing and before long
the then North Carolina Memorial Hospital basically shut down.  When a big
storm actually hit, driving was a disaster.  People abandoned their cars on
the highway....
Wish the storm were happening to us....

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