Ellen Hornig hornig at OSWEGO.EDU
Wed Jan 26 00:29:37 CET 2000

On Tue, 25 Jan 2000, George R Stilwell, Jr. wrote:

> But Ellen, up there the snow plows don't get stuck when they go out to
> plow. People own
> snow blowers or at least a decent snow shovel.

I can't deny either.  Our fleet of snowplows actually got written up in
USA Today a few years ago; seems we are uncommonly well-armed for a small
city.  The best of our snowplows, the Oshkoshes, cost c. $180,000 each,
and sport front blades, wing blades, and a salter/sander in the
back.  They are truly impressive, especially when met at night, in a
white-out, on a narrow road.  The county unquestioningly replaces rural
snowboxes demolished by overzealous plow drivers (only happened to us
once, so far).

As to shovels....yup....we own three good ones.  For two people.  You
can't have too many.


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