Ellen Hornig hornig at OSWEGO.EDU
Tue Jan 25 18:12:18 CET 2000

Y'all are so cute about your snow...imagine living in a place where you
get dumped on, the way you're getting dumped on now, several times a
winter!  And schools don't close; employees aren't given the day off;
little old ladies go out and shovel or snow-blow their own drives, and
no-one even takes notice; and the newspapers report the body-count of
fender-benders and slid-off-the-roads as if it's one big joke. Of course,
this winter has been completely uneventful, but I can recall getting 3' in
36 hours -last winter?  the winter before? - and the only excitement it
engendered was that I wore myself out alternately pulling snow down off
the hoophouses (once they accumulate 1' I usually take action) and
shoveling the driveway..

Mind you, I would cheerfully live elsewhere, but this is the way the
cookie crumbled - and heck, where else could I afford 9 acres? Property is
cheap here - supply and demand, you know.  Once you guys get used to snow,
you might want to consider relocating....


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