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Subject: about offsets


I have also offsets with Chen Yi's arisaemas:

A-08   Arisaema = A. ciliatum aff. CT 369

A-09   Arisaema = A. franchetianum

A-08 was very "productive" last summer. Even small plants

(with tubers about 4 cm in diameter) give 2-3 offsets

attached to end of long (2-3 cm) stolones.

A-09 and A. candidissimum give 1-3 offsets every year,

but new tubers are attached to the mother-plant. I tried

to detach a few of them (with knife) in 1998 and lost.

Probably another two Arisaemas from Chen Yi are stoloniferous:

A-06  Arisaema sp.(2) = A. elephas

A-07  Arisaema sp.(3) = A. pangii ?

I am surprised that nobody mentioned A. flavum.

I have got one tuber of A. flavum from Latvia a couple

of years ago and now have 5 plants - all came as offsets.

OK, lets return back to the Chen Yi's plants.

I didn't get offset from: A-12, A-35, A-36, A-37, A-38 and A-50.

Probably those species do not form offsets,

but I have only 2-3 plants (from 5-10 ordered).

If somebody have offset from arisaemas from Chen Yi - please,

let me know.


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