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Ernie O'Byrne nargsbs at EFN.ORG
Thu Jan 13 17:20:12 CET 2000


"George R Stilwell, Jr." wrote:

> Norm,
> It's hard to read your message because you're still leaving "Rich Text"
> on.
> It causes the message to be buried in encoding characters and makes it
> nearly
> 9 times larger than a plain text message - a problem for archiving.
> However, after digging out the message, I suggest you send the following
> message
> to  <listserv at>
> REV Arisaema-L
> to get a list of the on-line AEG members.
> Or you can look at the header on Rob's posting to Arisaema-L to get his
> address
> which is <robhamilton at>.
> In any event, please turn off "Rich Text" when posting to Arisaema-L or
> sending
> E-mail to anyone you have respect for. It's just one more arrogant
> Microsoft
> intrusion into our life. They just assume you want to violate the
> standards
> for sending E-mail and don't even bother to let you know you're doing it.
> Ray
> <GRSJr at>
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