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>Some observations from Barry Yinger and Andy Wong.
>This is actually a very complicated topic.  We have been observing the
>process of dormancy and how corms behave when dormant for several years,
>and we are learning more and more about this critical issue.
>1.  It is extremely easy to overwinter young corms; they almost never
>rot under most conditions;

No exceptions?

Quote from A-List:

"> At present I have
>many hundred sikokianum planted out this way; last time I dug a couple u=p,
>they looked good, but ask me again in May; they do rot easily, as Jim

... Ellen Hornig


I find this (Ellen's statement) to be very true. Too true, much to my
chagrin ...

If it weren't for the kindness of the Slaters, I might have given up on
this particular Arisaema. But now, I have seen the thing in bloom.

Kind Regards,


Rand Nicholson <writserv at>
Maritime New Brunswick, Canada
Zone 5b/The Great White Etc.

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