A funeral

John Gwynne jgwynne at WCS.ORG
Sat Aug 19 03:03:23 CEST 2000

Ray  Ifeel the same way about a 5 year old limbatum that grew to womanhood
from a pup (without a spouse) which never showed this year... lost quite a
few favorites in last year's grim drought and then hard freeze.. But then
some continue to surprise !  John Gwynne

"George R Stilwell, Jr." wrote:

> We're having a wake here. Our beautiful Arisaema limbatum has finally
> given up the ghost.
> It arrived here on in November 1990 and bloomed the following spring so
> I'd guess it was
> at least 3 - 4 years old when it arrived. So it lived  at least 12 years
> and bloomed for the
> last 9. Sometimes I really miss certain plants and this will be one of
> them.
> When we lived in West Nyack. NY, we planted a Black Ash and some 15 year
> old Taxus
> baccata 'Repandens'. They were all really magnificent when we moved and I
> still miss them all.
> The tree was about 30 ft tall with a beautiful habit and the Taxus had to
> be 6 ft. x 4 ft. each
> in a row 30 ft long but only about a 18 inches tall.
> I do sometimes wonder what they look like now 22 years later. But, I'm
> afraid to go back
> to see.
> Ray
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