1999 AEG Seedx Report;Incoming

Craig Stubbs craigs at ICAN.NET
Wed Nov 24 20:12:23 CET 1999

Fellow AEGers
Return of my interrupted ISP service gives me the chance to
provide an update on our 1999 seed distribution. Last year, an
extraordinarily good one for species variety, both in quantity and seed
quality, saw a markedly larger membership receive a greater variety of seed
than any previous distribution. Most of the seed arrived in late November to
early January with the first trickles of seed starting in late September and
continuing into February. This year has started off noticeably slower with
smaller seed counts so it is essential that we all donate what we can. There
have been  donations from  many new members,  from Southern Hemisphere
donors as far south as Tasmania, and a nice collection of Arums from Lithuania.
Thank you all for the seed received to date .As I said last
year " BURY ME IN SEED ".. both Arisaema AND other hardy Aroids. There is a
very real need for all species including those that some of you feel are
.....common. So "BURY ME IN SEED".
At this time I am most interested in soliciting as many
donations as possible. Brian Cook and I are working on several logistic
changes to further improve the AEG SEEDX

Craig Stubbs
POB 596
15 Princess St.
Brooklin, Ont.
Canada L0B 1C0
"Always allow for the changes time will bring"

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