The Northern Winter

George R Stilwell, Jr. grsjr at JUNO.COM
Sun Nov 21 16:34:50 CET 1999

The winter is just about here for us northern hemisphere types. All is
quiet on Arisaema-L. After all, what's to say about some dormant tubers?

OK you southern hemisphere types - how about raising our morale by
telling us what's happening in the land of springtime.

Some time ago, Shing Lam sent us some seed from Arisaema growing in Hong
Most of the seedlings haven't survived our winters here in North
Carolina, but
to my surprise, Arisaema cordatum is alive and was in great shape last
The seeds were germinated in March of 1996, so the plants have survived
winters so far.

Are any of you growing some of the "tropical" Arisaema? Have you tried
any of
them outside through the winter? It would be nice to find out how hardy
they really are.

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