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Stacy Holtzman sholtzma at SUNFLOWER.BIO.INDIANA.EDU
Thu Nov 4 21:56:41 CET 1999

Hello Arisaema - Enthusiasts,
My name is Stacy Holtzman and I have just been added to the list.  A little
intro - I work at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN in an HHMI lab
working on fruit fly genetics, but my real love is hosta, trillium, and
arisaema (and TOAD LILIES, I just discovered!).  I just set up a small but
fairly complete tc lab at my home and plan on doing mainly small quantities
of hostas, eventually trilliums and arisaemas, all for fun.  I would like
for more people to be aware of the wonderful woodland plants as well as
regular garden plants and at the same time, produce a few clones (be aware
that cloning one individual does nothing for the species as a whole, but
can possibly cut down on wild collecting of endangered's) for the garden.
The whole point of tc being that we can cut down on the generation time a
couple of years, something that is a very long process in these plants.
And I have five acres at home that I would like to start lots of different
things in!  Native to my garden are a couple of kinds of trilliums, tons
and tons of Arisaema triphyllum, and a small colony of orchids that I can't
recall the name of just now.  The foliage on these are emerging now,
though, which is interesting.

Anyway, the first posting I saw was of some people's photos being on a
website somewhere.  Can anybody repost the site?

Thank you.

Stacy Holtzman
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Bloomington, Indiana Z5b

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