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Dear Guy,

Thanks for your comments. I'll have to read more into your hydra but firs=t
let me excuse myself for making your comments public. I thought we were s=ort
of open about these matters. I will ask Roy Herold to skip your amurense
thought. I myself am not too sensitive about making bloopers but I can
understand that other people are. No problem.

Will be back after reading the bockii blurb.

In the meantime I flowwered ChenYi (Kaichen) #9, and their "brevipes". Wi=th
#9 and Li Heng I arrive at pangii (although the pseudostem and petioles o=f
my plant were entirely rich deep reddish-purple). I'll send the scans whe=n
they are finished. Brevipes as I have it is indistinguishable from
franchetianum/bogneri. What a friggin mess.


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