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At Monocots ll Peter Boyce put up a pic of Pinellia integrifolia from Li
Heng's photo library.  The similarities with P. cordata were striking - t=he
differences not noticeable.  Sadly there was no discussion on this one.
Greg Ruckert
Australian Areae Collection

>Has anyone else got flowering plants of Pinellia "integrifolia" from Che=n
>I have 2 of 6 up and they are indistinguishable from the dreaded P.
>The inflorescense appears identical and there are three leaflets.
>Unfortunately, I do have P. ternata growing in the garden, so have fresh
>material to compare. The "integrifolia" is slightly larger, but I doubt
>the size difference is significant.
>The only picture that I've seen of the true P. integrifolia is the line
>drawing in Flora Sichuanica (p 143) which shows it to have a single leaf
>a strong resemblance to P. cordata. Not even close to this plant!
>Any opinions? Unless someone can reassure me, these things are history!

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