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Tom Croat has the following question for AEG members.
I can't answer because I've
not been able to get A. macrospathum to grow to the flowering stage.

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Dear Ray:

I would like to have you post a request to your group about the
of Mexico.  I have had difficulty determining collections of Arisaema
Mexico and I am hopeful that someone in your group will know the species
there.  I have had difficulty with the key in Matuda's Araceae de Mexico
which keys the supposedly two species in Mexico out in the following way:

A.      Leaf blade segments 9-14; petiole sheathed in lower 1/3;
arising from the petiole sheath
Arisaema dracontium

B.     Leaf blade segments 6-7; petiole unsheathed; inflorescence
directly from tubercle (not arising from petiolar sheaths).
Arisaema macrospathum

I don't know how valid this key is.  Matuda was certainly no expert on
Arisaema and neither am I.  I am going to pose this question to the
of you who are  Arisaema enthusiasts on our electronic
newsletter (Aroid-L) in hopes that  someone can tell me how they

My problem is that I have had specimens that have fewer than 7
per blade but at the same time also definitely have the inflorescences
arising from the petiole sheath, thus having characters from both halves
of Sodiro's key.  Do any of you grow A. macrospathum and can tell me how
it is separble, if at all, from A. dracontium?

Tom Croat

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