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>Dear Guy:
>        Thanks for your note.  Our A. wilsonii, A. elephas from Kaichen =has not
>yet flowered, so I can't compare it to A. dilatatum just yet.

Do you agree that the tube of A. dilatatum is ribbed inside?

>        A. angustatum v. peninsulae (A-25) from Kaichen appeared to be c=orrect.
>As you suggest, A. du-bois-reymondiae appeared to me to be a green form =of
>A. engleri, although it was about 10 days later, this could simply be  a
>matter of origin.

The true A. du-bois-reymondiae must have neuters (sterile flowers,
filaments) at the base of the appendage; Kaichen's are nude. But, now, wh=at
it is interesting, is that we know that there are green spathed A. engler=i.
In fact my plants of "A. du-bois-reymondiae" have spathes from plain gree=n
to red striped, while the "sazensoo..." vary from purplish to dark purple.
That means I grow all intermediate color variations.

>        Their plants of A. angustatum v. amurense (A-26) and A. angustat=um v.
>serratum (A-27) were identical except for tiny serrations on the leaves =of
>the latter.  Surely this is not the only different between the two
>varieties.  I assume these should both be labeled A. amurense.

Moreover all plants of A-27, I have, are one-leafed.
Did you get my paper on Sinarisaemas?


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