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I've repeated your E-mail below because this is the kind of discourse
that Arisaema-L was
created for. All of us need to know what is being discovered.

My A24 plants certainly have the bloom right at leaf level or slightly
below. They do not have
a blue-white coloration at the base. In fact one has a light
greenish-purple band around the spathe base,
and the other has a wider darker purple band at the base. But these old
eyes see no blue or white
there. I do realize that everyone sees colors differently though. If you
have the RHS Colour Chart,
we could compare color numbers.

It sounds as if: 1. there is great diversity in A24 as in A. triphyllum;
2. that the labels got mixed up; or
3. more than one species was shipped under number A24.

You can send photo's to Eric Gouda's Arisaema ID Page, but I expect Roy
and Wilbert will be most
interested since they have done the major work toward the ID of A24. I
suggest you try to get pictures
of the "private parts" too since Taxonomists seem fascinated with such

I'll really be glad when genetic taxonomy comes of age.

<GRSJr at>

<<Dear Roy,

I have A24  (du-bois-reymondiae/green-spathed form of A. bockii/engleri)
up and in bloom, but there appears to be a couple of differences between
the one I have labeled as A24 and the one pictured on Ray's pages.  I
will have a photo of it soon (I hope a good one).  I am questioning if I
have mine labeled right and would like to make sure.  The bloom is
growing above the leaves, and the spathe is a blue-white close to it's
base.  Roy's doesn't seem to lose it's stripes at the base.  There are
five leaves situated the same as the one in Roy's photo.  If I recall
right, you mentioned black lines on the leaflets.  This one has them.
A37 erubescens (5) is up at the same time.  The bloom is so similar to
A24 that I can't tell the difference except that the bloom is growing
'under' the leaf, whereas A24's bloom is held well above the leaf.
Roy's photo plant appears to grow the bloom under the leaf.  May I send
a scanned photo somewhere for positive ID on these two?  I may have one
or the other, or both mislabeled.  I thought erubescens had strapped
leaflets, yet this one has a leaf like A24.

Thank you,
Sue Zunino>>

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