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<Opinion #1: Some plants shipped as arisaemas weren't even arisaemas-- I
believe they were found to be Typhoniums.> <snip>

Not an opinion, at least 3 of us had this experience.

<snip> <Furthermore, I don't
believe that Chen Yi has made any corrections to ID's since 1997 in spite
of publicly available lists of proper names.> <snip>

That's a fact. I have all the lists.

<Opinion #6: Has anyone else noticed that a lot of the romance of
is gone now that it is so easy to import once rare material? Gone are the
days of sending packets of precious seeds to a few friends, and anxiously
waiting years for that first bloom. It's all instant gratification now.>

There's no doubt Arisaema have gone mainstream.
And how true, your observation. I still remember my first A. taiwanense
from seeds with only a
number on them. Wow! Buying a tuber will never live up to that.

I agree with all your points. I find them to be reasonable, well stated,
objective and not defensive.

But, like you say, let's get back to the plants.

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