A. triphyllum with split leaves appearing as a 5 leaved plant

George R Stilwell, Jr. grsjr at JUNO.COM
Thu Jun 24 02:45:21 CEST 1999


I can't answer your question on the northern version of A. triphyllum
ssp. quinatum, but
there is a study that might address the problem.

Treiber, M. 1980, Biosystematics of the Arisaema triphyllum  complex,
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (copies are available from
University Microfilms)

However, "available" is defined by the hoity-toity UNC to mean "to bona
fide University Libraries
or other recognized research organizations." I find that I don't qualify,
and Alan was unable to
get it through his contacts at NC State (arch rivals, you know).

I've been meaning to ask Tom Croat if MOBOT could get a copy, but I keep
forgetting. What say you
Tom?  Once I get a copy and get it scanned, we can all benefit from the

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