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In a message dated 6/16/99 11:48:19 AM, grsjr at JUNO.COM writes:

<< Your suggestion sounds fine. The Seedex chairman could assign the AEG
numbers and keep the cross reference to Chen Yi's numbers/names.  Still,
if a particular Chen Yi lot contains multiple species,
there'd be no way to handle it unless the AEG number was assigned using
both Chen Yi information
and the seed donor. So, for example, Chen Yi #24 (A. du-bois-reymondiae)
seed would ne
assigned AEG #36 (say) for my seed donation and #54 (say) for your seed
donation. When there's
unanimity that they are both A. engleri, This would be posted. But if
they are different, the
two names would be posted individually when determined. Does that sound

Growers of the seed would participate in the ID process by submitting
pictures to
Eric Gouda's Arisaema ID page and/or with careful descriptions of the
emerging seedlings
and, ultimately, the mature plants. These discussions would be part of

Craig, would this be manageable at the Seedex?

AEGers, what say you to this method of handling Chen Yi plant seeds?

<GRSJr at>


That sounds like a workable scheme, if Craig is agreeable. It would be nice
to get some input from some of the others, either pro or con, and there might
be even a  way to do it that's better than the one that these two great, but
aging, brains have come up with!

As I said earlier, we can't very well hold back the flood of interesting
seeds that will be available shortly, but we have a responsibility to insure,
as much as we can, that this group doesn't spread around a lot of
misidentified seed. That might take another decade to rectify!


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