Nurseries for Arisaema

GeneBush genebush at OTHERSIDE.COM
Wed Jun 16 14:43:22 CEST 1999

Hello Shawne,
I am one of the nurseries on the list Ray sent you. My sources are many,
but in general, I prefer to simply say I do not dig from the wild. You can
easily spot the nurseries that have set themselves up with mostly or only
Chinese imports. Simply give yourself a bit of time and do you homework.
You will quickly learn. Also read the catalogs. Sizes offered can also tell
you a bit.
If mine are seedlings I state seedlings. If I divided them from my garden
that information is usually included. Most specialty nurseries want to be
around next year and are pretty open and honest about their plant
inventory. Ellen is one of those.
Most of my inventory on Arisaema are sold locally to a special waiting
list for pick up here at the garden and never reach the catalog or web
Is everyone having the seed set (if all continues to go well and they are
not having false pregs) that I am here? Everything that bloomed this spring
and continues to come into bloom seems to be setting large healthy seeds.
If so, this is going to be a wonderful year for the seed exchange.
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> From: Shawne Penwell <shawnpenwell at PRODIGY.NET>
> Subject: Re: Nurseries for Arisaema
> Date: Wednesday, June 16, 1999 4:16 AM
> thank you for your response. I will contact the nursuries you've
> mentioned. Is it unethical, or rude to ask a Provider to specify where
> the plants offered originate ?

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