triphyllum ssp.

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Hortus III shows A. atrorubens = A. triphyllum (an obsolete name for
triphyllum) as does
the AEG species list. Hortus is old enough that it still used the name.

Huttleston is the authority on A. triphyllum and it's ssp. Thus A.
triphyllum ssp. quinatum
is an accepted ssp. even though Hortus III doesn't mention it or
pusillum. They have to
cover all Arisaema species in a couple of paragraphs. Shouldn't be
surprising that most
are left out.

There has been work done toward a reclassification of A. triphyllum.
Unfortunately, the
author chose not to publish his findings. You can get a copy from UNC
library from their
microfilm for $30 if you are an authorized library. I haven't been able
to beat their restrictions
so far. So, Huttleston is IT.

There is a feeling among some AEGers that A. triphyllum ssp. stewardsonii
might well be
a separate species. Again, there's no formal work proposing this change.

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